Getting Started with Slack

The Slack Product Logo

Slack is a collaboration tool that I use in my classes to help facilitate communication and collaboration. Additionally, I encourage students to contact me using Slack rather than email.

You will receive an invite to join the WR 510 Slack group.

Slack can be used from a web browser, mobile device, and as a native Windows/Mac app. 

I highly recommend downloading the desktop app for Windows/Mac.

Slack Video Tutorials

New to Slack? Well, there’s a bunch of video guides you can watch to learn how to use it

Slack Channels 

Slack uses the concept of “channels” to separate out conversations. In the WR510 group here are the channels I have setup:

  • Announcements – used for class announcements
  • General – General discussions about the class
  • Questions – Used for questions you need to be answered
  • Random – Used to share random things about HTML and web development
  • Code From Class – Used to share code demoed in class

See you in Slack! Please say hello to the “general” channel when you can.