Problem Set 5 – Interactive Web Page

Extend your homepage assignment (Problem Set 4) using JavaScript.

Due Date

Problem Set 5 is due on Monday, July 26th, 2021 at 9:00 PM.

What You Need to Do for Problem Set 5

Integrate four or more features of JavaScript into your site to make your site more interactive. For example, you can use JavaScript to add alerts, to have an effect at a recurring interval, or to add interactivity to buttons, dropdowns, or forms. Feel free to be creative!

Getting Started

Start by accessing your Problem Set 4 in the CS50 IDE.

Right-click on the pset4 folder and select Duplicate. A new folder will be created named pset4.1.

Right-click on the pset4.1 folder and rename it to pset5.


For fairly comprehensive guides on the languages introduced in this problem, check out these tutorials:

Intervals Howto Instructional Video

This is a video from my JavaScript course at Clark College that teaches you about intervals in JavaScript. It covers setInterval(), clearInterval() and setTimeout(). Feel free to use these examples in your submission.

Dates in JavaScript Instructional Video

Adding an Image Switcher to a Web Page Instructional Video

How to Submit

Execute the below, logging in with your GitHub username and password when prompted. For security, you’ll see asterisks (*) instead of the actual characters in your password.

submit50 cs50/problems/2021/x/interactive